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【学练考】2015-2016学年高中英语 单元小测3 新人教版必修1

Ⅰ.在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 1.Ever since he caught Ebola virus, Peter________(suffer) from so much pain that he is coughing day and night. 2.I am fond of Gloria's attitude________ life; she has never complained about anything. 3.After the fire, the company ________(stubborn) kept silent and prevented our attempts to find the truth. 4.________ (organize) a speech is not just a matter of arranging the ideas you already have. 5.Vocabulary is a key factor that ________(determine) whether the child studies good or not. 6.________you began, you must do the work well or don't do it at all. 7.During the last few minutes before the ________(schedule) landing, the pilot lost in touch with the airport. 8.It was yesterday ________he decided to make a trip to Europe. 9.In modern cities people always think they need a ________(reliable) means of transportation than buses. 10.When the plane landed, the girl could hardly wait ________(see) her parents at once. Ⅱ.完形填空 Do you know one bird whose name is crow(乌鸦)?Here is a story about one of them. There was once a lazy crow, who thought it was too much trouble to __1__ food. “Caw! Caw!” he said, “If someone brought me my food every day, I'd be very __2__!” One day, he saw a(n) __3__ pigeon flying by. “How happy and well?fed it looks,” the crow said to himself. So the crow __4__ the pigeon until they came to a __5__. There were some other __6__ too. Before long, an old man came along and brought them a large bag of food. When the man had gone, the crow flew over to the pigeons. “Caw!Caw!” said he. “Can I __7__ you?” “No, you can't!” __8__ the pigeons angrily. “We don't know you.” The crow went home feeling __9__. But he suddenly had a(n) __10__. “I'll paint my __11__ grey,” he said, “and then the pigeons will __12__ I am one of them.” After he finished the painting, he flew off to the park and was __13__ by the pigeons. The crow was so hungry that he got very excited at the food. “Caw! Caw! Give lots to me!” he said loudly. __14__, the pigeons found he was a crow. They flew after him and made him __15__. Sadly, the crow flew to his own forest. But when his old friends, the other crows saw him, they asked him to __16__. They did not __17__ him because of his grey?painted feathers. So the crow felt __18__ than before. His own __19__ did not want him, __20__ the pigeons wouldn't let him into their group.

“What looks easier isn't always so,” the crow said to himself. “I wish I had never painted my feathers grey!”
1. A. pick out B. look for C. put away D. hand in 2. A. lovely B. healthy C. happy D. pretty 3. A. boring B. funny C. old D. fat 4. A. followed B. caught C. protected D. taught 5. A. square B. forest C. park D. house 6. A. men B. visitors C. pigeons D. crows 7. A. help B. join C. see D. believe 8. A. explained B. advised C. shouted D. continued 9. A. lucky B. asleep C. tired D. sad 10. A. idea B. choice C. change D. accident 11. A. head B. feathers C. feet D. legs 12. A. understand B. guess C. hope D. think 13. A. welcomed B. discovered C. noticed D. attacked 14. A. Strangely B. Finally C. Suddenly D. Interestingly 15. A. wait B. stop C. cry D. leave 16. A. go away B. give up C. set off D. hurry up 17. A. miss B. like C. know D. forget 18. A. colder B. worse C. busier D. stronger 19. A. brothers B. friends C. parents D. sisters 20. A. though B. but C. as D. and Ⅲ.阅读理解 Located 40 miles northeast of San Diego, California, Valley Centre has more than

27 square miles of countryside beauty and 21,000 acres of agricultural land. Along

with the activities mentioned here, the Chamber of Commerce website

(www.vcchamber.com) lists a large number of outings for your family to enjoy: Palomar

Mountain Observatory, Lakes Wohlford, Hodges and Henshaw, Sengme Oaks Water Park,

and Pala Mission.

Bates Nut Farm

15954 Woods Valley Rd.



Most people would agree that a visit to Valley Centre would not be complete

without a stop at Bates Nut Farm. Gilbert and Beatrice Bates founded the farm in

1921.The farm has a picnic area and a large store full of nuts, candies and treats.

Kids can feed farm animals, and in the fall, find pumpkins along with many fun,

seasonal activities for the family. The place, which started out as a nut farm, is

now home to many family?friendly events throughout the year like car shows and music


Valley Centre Wellness Spa

28714 Valley Centre Rd.



The Valley Centre Wellness Spa invites you to experience some of the special

spa(温泉疗养) treatments in a private environment. Spa?goers can enjoy facials and

skin treatments at this spa owned by Jana Limon.

Keys Creek Lavender Farm

12460 Keys Creek Rd.



San Diego County's lavender (薰衣草) farm has eight acres of lavender fields.

Open during harvest time—May through June—it offers lavender picking. English high

teas and workshops. Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Valley Centre Western Days

28246 Lilac Rd.



Each May, the week?long series of events kicks off with the Western Days Parade,

the Valley Centre Stampede Rodeo, and an evening musical performance. You can enjoy

the fun and meet some new friends here.

1. If you want to go somewhere for a picnic, you may call ________.

A.760?742?0523 B.760?749?8041

C.760?749?3333 D.760?751?5303

2. What can one do in Keys Creek Lavender Farm?

A.Pick lavender.

B.Watch car shows.

C.Feed farm animals.

D.Have a lavender spa.

3. One can enjoy live music in ________.


A.Bates Nut Farm & Valley Centre Wellness Spa

B.Valley Centre Wellness Spa & Keys Creek Lavender Farm

C.Keys Creek Lavender Farm &Valley Centre Western Days

D.Valley Centre Western Days & Bates Nut Farm

4. Where can we probably find the text?

A.In a story guide.

B.In a music book.

C.In a history textbook.

D.In a travel magazine.

Ⅳ. 语法填空

阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

Li Hua: Hi, Li Lei. Long time no see. What did you do during your winter holiday?

Li Lei: Hi, Li Hua. I found a part?time job in a real estate (房地产) company

as 1.________salesman for twenty days.

Li Hua: Really? That must be 2.________ (extreme) interesting.

Li Lei: Yes, interesting 3.________ tiring. I stood for ten hours a day and

introduced the houses to customers that I met. Sometimes I was laughed at, but most

of the time, I 4.________ (praise) for my wonderful work by many people.

Li Hua: I guess you 5.________have gained a lot from this part?time job.

Li Lei: Yes, I really have learnt a lot about how to express my opinion, how

to communicate 6.________different people and how to work in a team.

Li Hua: I also took part in a great many social activities, some of 7.________were

really impressive. Through these activities, I not only gained a lot of social

experience but also improved my practical skills, such as interpersonal skills and

organizing ability. As far as I'm 8.________, acquiring practical skills is of great

9.________ (important) to us students. Besides, the experience 10.________ (gain)

may pave the way for our future career development.

参考答案 单元小测(三)
Ⅰ.1.has suffered 2.to/towards 3.stubbornly 4.Organizing/To organize 5.determines 6.Once 7.scheduled 8.that 9.more reliable 10.to see Ⅱ.【文章大意】 本文讲述了一只懒惰的乌鸦不愿觅食,而扮成鸽子,打算和鸽子混吃, 最终被鸽群及自己的故友赶出的故事,并最终领悟了“看起来容易的事并不是如其表面那么 容易”的道理,最终悔恨自己把羽毛涂成灰白色的行为。 1.B 由第一段的“a lazy crow”和“If someone brought me my food every day…” 可知,它认为寻找食物太困难而不愿自己觅食。故选 B 项。 2.C 由“If someone brought me my food every day…”可知,如果有人给它送食 物,它肯定非常高兴。故选 C 项。 3.D 由空后的“‘How happy and well?fed it looks’…”中的“well?fed(喂养得 很好)”可知,这只鸽子是胖的。故选 D 项。 4.A 由空后的“they came to a…There were some other…too.”可知,乌鸦是跟 着鸽子来到了一个地方。故选 A 项。 5.C 根据后文“…he flew off to the park…”可知此处为公园。故选 C 项。 6.C 由本句的“There were some other…too”中的 too 和后文的“When the man had


gone, the crow flew over to the pigeons.”中的 pigeons 可知,这儿也有许多鸽子。故 选 C 项。
7.B 乌鸦看到了那个人送的食物,想加入鸽子群和它们一起分享食物,A、C、D 均不 符合语境。故选 B 项。
8.C 由空后的“…the pigeons angrily.‘We don't know you.'”中的 angrily 可 知,此处是向乌鸦生气地大声喊叫。故选 C 项。
9.D 由于鸽子群不让它加入而感到悲伤。故选 D。 10.A 由第四段大意可以看出它突然有了一个将羽毛涂成灰色的想法。故选 A 项。 11.B 由倒数第二段中的“his grey?painted feathers”和最后一段最后一句话“‘I wish I had never painted my feathers grey!’”可知,此处应选 feather。故选 B 项。 12.D 乌鸦将羽毛涂成了和鸽子羽毛一样的颜色,那么鸽子会认为乌鸦是同类,所以 选 think。故选 D 项。 13.A 由后文的“The crow was so hungry that he got very excited at the food.‘Caw! Caw! Give lots to me!'”可知,它被鸽子群接受了,故选 A 项。 14.C 由空前的“The crow was so hungry that he got very excited at the food. ‘Caw! Caw! Give lots to me!'”可知,因为它见到食物激动地大叫起来才导致后面被鸽 子识破了真相。故选 C 项。 15.D 由第一次被鸽子赶走和“Sadly, the crow flew to his own forest.”及“…the pigeons wouldn't let him into their group.”可知,鸽子再次赶走了乌鸦。故选 D 项。 16.A 由本段末句的“His own…did not want him…”可知,它的朋友也让它离开。 故选 A 项。 17.C 由空后的“…because of his grey?painted feathers.”可知,由于它的羽毛 颜色没有恢复成原来的样子,最终没被它的朋友们认出来。故选 C 项。 18.B 由本句后面的 than before 可知,此处是指比以前被鸽群赶走时更加糟糕的心 情。故选 B 项。 19.B 由前文的“But when his old friends…”可知,此处是指朋友。故选 B 项。 20.D 它的老朋友不要它,它也无法回到鸽子群里,这应该是并列关系。故选 D 项。 Ⅲ.【文章大意】 本文介绍的是 Valley Centre 这个旅游景点的相关信息,属于一则广 告。 1.C 细节理解题。在 Bates Nut Farm 的介绍中由“The farm has a picnic area and a large store full of nuts, candies and treats.”可知,这个农场是提供野餐的地方 的。故选 C 项。 2.A 细节理解题。Keys Creek Lavender Farm 中由“…it offers lavender picking.” 可知,它能够提供 lavender picking。故选 A 项。 3.D 细节理解题。由 Bates Nut Farm 介绍中的“The place…is now home to many family?friendly events throughout the year like …music festivals.” 和 Valley Centre Western Days 介绍中的“…and an evening musical performance.”可知,Bates Nut Farm 和 Valley Centre Western Days 都提供音乐欣赏。故选 D 项。 4.D 推理判断题。A 是一则故事导引,应该属于趣味性故事的书籍;B 为音乐书籍, 应该描述的是音乐方面的内容;C 为历史课本,讲述的应该是历史而不是旅游景点;D 为旅 游杂志,介绍旅游。这篇文章是介绍旅游景点的一则广告,最大可能来自于旅游杂志。故选 D 项。 Ⅳ.1.a 2.extremely 3.but 4.was praised 5.must 6.with 7.which 8.concerned 9.importance 10.gained



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